With palms pressed at heart's center - we sound our voices.  We begin with a deep resounding 'ohhhhm'.

Some of us are tentative at first. Our voices are new to us. We're unsure. We're shy. We're scared. We haven't - yet - given ourselves permission to speak out sing.

Together - we grow strong.

We connect to our hearts and our heartsongs. We connect to the earth and its energies. We connect to one another...honoring our intentions and commitment to show up together in this one this one this one day.

We are all the same.

We have arrived here from all corners of the globe. We were strangers. We have become friends. We've shared the stories of our lives...and our life's stories. We've dreamed. We've laughed. We've cried. We've challenged and inspired and encouraged one another to be the best selves we possibly can.

We've learned kindness and patience and gratitude and joy. We've held one another in times of sadness. We've celebrated our victories. We've honored our defeats. And -  we've been there for one another as a reminder that tomorrow always comes. A new day will dawn and with it - another opportunity to begin. Again.

For me - our time here at Vision and Verb has been one long beautiful communal vinyasa practice. Our bodies and our breaths. Our images and our words. Quiet...soulful...deeply meaningful and powerful personal connection.

We've shown up. We burned brightly. And now - the time has come to let go. With appreciation...compassion... grace.

We honor the endings by knowing that every ending is really a beginning. We've shown up for ourselves and one another and done the best work that we can.

'We're all just walking each other home.'

Just as we began - almost 5 years ago - we close by bringing our palms together once and again at our heart's center.  We sound our voices in a longer and deeper and more resonant 'ohhhhhmmmm'. We're confident. We're strong. What we needed - we learned - we've always had within.

We've felt the energy. We're now feeling the release.

We bring our hands from our hearts to our third eye center. A reminder to ourselves to follow our heart's lead. We bow our heads.

And together - we say:


The light in me honors the light, love, beauty and truth and peace within you. In sharing our authentic selves and brave stories - we are united. We are one. We are the same.

In deepest gratitude.

* * *

Thank-you to all of our dear and loyal readers who have show up and shared in our stories. Your presence and spirit and quiet encouragement has meant so much to us here. You can find links to our individual blogs by checking out who is gathered around our table.

When one door closes another opens.

We look forward to your joining with us in wherever our new creative adventures lead.