Point of Still

Amidst the chaos and motion and noise - there's a point of indescribable stillness. Of quiet. Of peace. Of the just right balance between effort and ease.

There's no pushing forward. There's no holding back. There's ground and sky. There's center.

For just a few moments - I'm alive and awake and completely aware. My eyes are focused on one small bird. I feel the light. I see the other birds surrounding her. I hear their call. The wind is blowing. My hands are cold - but I don't notice. I'm concentrating. I'm breathing. I'm feeling. I'm looking at only her.

Wings extend up and open. Inhale. On an exhale they release. Webbed feet propel her forward. Faster and faster and faster. Wings flap. Feet forward. Feet forward. Wings flap. Breath-to-movement...movement-to-breath. She spins madly.


She releases. She lets go. She flies.

In the middle of all that energy and noise - she finds herself perfectly still.

And - I know that now - I too - can rest in that space of release. I've shown up. I've done my work. I will return and begin again tomorrow.