The Energy of Intention

Four weeks ago - today - I set an intention. To lead a community of like-minded practitioners in cultivating the discipline of habit in creative practice.

That I set this intention - was somewhat un-intentional. When I wrote it down and declared it out loud - I had no real idea of where it would lead. Ever since - I've been riding the wave. Of prana. Of life force. Of excitement. Of a singular focused determination. Of all that energy that follows a singular intent.

Like so much of life....and its journey.

We show up. We do what we habitually do. Without really knowing what or why or where - we've already begun. The seeds of intention have been set. All we needed to do was to slow pay close attention... to listen and to really hear.

And - here I am. I am here.

I've bumped up against fear....and all sorts of resistance. I've seen it. I've felt it. I've named it. And - I'm doing it anyway.

I've listened to that voice of self-doubt...of questioning...of uncertainty. I've invited her to come sit with me at my table. I've argued and challenged and wrestled with her. And - thus far - I'm winning this war.

I've been relentlessly resolute in my unwavering focus. Doggedly determined. Unwilling to compromise my direction. Ever since this very public declaration of intention - I've been following the light that is guiding and leading. Altho the destination is still somewhat uncertain. The path is clear.

Each and every day - I show up. I take one long slow breath...and then another. I remind myself that the ground is right there to support me...and that the sky above is nothing other than vast endless soft clouds of possibility.

I do one thing that scares me. And each and every day - I'm one step farther along that path than I was yesterday.

Like so much of life...and all of its journeys.

The i's are not yet all dotted...and the t's are not all perfectly crossed. I walk the talk. I'm letting go. I'm a true believer in the prize that's in the process. And - I'm daring to share some of the incomplete imperfection that is my own.

For those of you who are here with me now - I'm offering you up a sneak peek...a preview of what's to come.

Lastly  - I'm setting here one more intention. I'll be opening this practice up to those who wish to sign-up and join me next week.

While the light is still warm and bright and the days are long enough to linger and langor - we'll get started on Monday - July 15th.

And now - I'll just watch and wait and ride that wave of it always follows.