A Child's Story

I could tell you the story - how it began..and how it ended. How it arrived...and drifted away.

How it was first forecasted to be one storm..and then two clashing and crashing and coming together. I heard them calling it 'epic'.

How educated..sophisticated..intelligent adults fought over cans of tuna fish..and milk..and water... and who might get that very last banana. As if they'd never leave their houses. Ever again.

How schools were cancelled...businesses were closed...all means  and modes of public transportation were interrupted..and driving was banned from all roads. How everyone stayed home.

How it began - with a healthy dose of skepticism. We've been here. We've done this. We've heard all this before. Is this really going to happen?...or is this just one more big error and ruse?

How - we were awakened in the night by the winds howling..the screen doors slamming..the shutters creaking. How in the darkness..with the street lamps illuminating - we could see see that snow was indeed - yes -  falling. Crazy and wild. It had - at last - arrived..and with unprecedented strength and vigor.

How  - in the light of day - it was to look out and discover the world transformed. A globe of fairy dust..drifting and blowing. Madly. With no end in sight. Everything..everywhere..rendered in white.

How - we hunkered down and settled in..and watched a movie mid-day. Before now - unheard of. We played with scissors and glue and colorful crayons. We baked cookies. We ate comforting..home-cooked cheese and macaroni. We waited. We watched.

How - we donned layer upon layer of outdoor clothes. Snow pants and jackets...mittens and hats. An extra pair of socks..and boots that covered our tender toes.

How - it was to find ourselves in snow that was as high as the sky. How we had to gather our strength and courage and leap and jump and push our way thru. How soft it was. How beautiful. How cold and fresh and deep. How it sifted thru our fingers. Just like that. Just like this. Into thin air.

How we grabbed hold of our shovels and slowly dug our way out. We made tunnels and funnels and banks of high snow.

How so many neighbors and friends emerged out of nowhere. How happy and friendly and cheery they all were..working together with a single purpose and cause. How everyone was laughing. How much fun it all was.

How it was to return. Inside - where it was warm and dry. Where hot cocoa was waiting. Where we could melt our wet fingers and frozen toes. Where we knew that all was safe...all was well. That life was just as it should.

I could tell you all about it. My story. Today.

But what I can't do..what I so wish I could and would - is to tell that same story thru the lens of a child. The excitement..the awe..the magic..the wonder..the cold..the warm..the comfort of knowing and loving and living in winter.

Or maybe...just maybe - that's just what I did.