This Day

Rain falling outside my window. The forecast is for continued weather that is 'unseasonably' cool and wet for this time of year.

It gives me time. It gives me space. It gives me quiet...into which I can take a deep breath. I can yawn...I can stretch...I can feel.

Of late - I'm acutely aware of passing time..of time passing too quickly. An older generation getting only that much older...a younger one stepping up and out and into a world of their own. A childhood friend recently diagnosed with a not-so-good-kind-of-cancer. It is what it it is. Real and true and honest.


It's been a whirlwind - this year. So much growth. So much change. So many layers shed..and so many new ones still to try on and wear.

A new title..a new hat. A one that says 'teacher'...for whatever that means and for all that it's truly worth. I can now teach all that I know. I can impart words or wisdom. I can enlighten and inspire. I can offer up and share the lessons of life....those lessons that only time will ever tell.

The wheels are turning..the clock is ticking. The train isn't stopping..for anyone. Not now. Not ever. This - is all we have. Today.

I no longer jump quite as high..or leap with such fearful abandon. I think. Is this what I want? For my one precious life? Does this serve me? Will it serve me tomorrow? I'm more conscious and aware of how...and with what...and with who I want to spend my time.

I prioritize. I weigh out and measure. Is this important....or is this merely 'urgent'? I try - always - to do first the necessary and important. Most of what's urgent - I'm learning - is someone else's emergency left on my plate.

I know that I want to live in this this moment. With my feet planted and rooted in this day...on this one and only solid ground that I walk.

The rain is still falling. It's cold and damp and wet. I'm wondering about the expectations...the dictations - the what that is correct and right and - yes - 'seasonable' for this time of year.

It's summer...and - yet - I'm feeling 'useasonable' and more like early spring than anything other. Time is passing. And's true - autumn - awaits.