Be Like Trees

The practice - quite simply - begins with the breath.

Just breathe.

Slowly - we release that thinking mind..and sink into that feeling body. We fold ourselves forwards. We hang our heads. We let go.

And - breathe. Inhale. Exhale. As basic - as that.

Feel the ground. Look up and see the sky. Listen to the sound of the rain. Smell the lilacs blooming. Taste the spring air.

Let go of the past. Look not into the future. Be here. Be now. In this moment. On this day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I find myself tongue-tied and speechless when trying to describe this  process of learning to become a teacher. Like the practice itself - the experience is a feeling one..and not one that can be easily put into words.

We began - all of us - as seekers. Searching for answers to questions we didn't even know how to ask. Looking for something somewhere. Something intangible and beyond our arm's reach. Something - for sure - beyond us.

We read. We studied. We practiced. We pushed ourselves beyond our self-limiting boundaries and beliefs. We  laughed. We cried. We supported and shared. We made ourselves vulnerable..and in that place of raw-vulnerability - found our strength.

200 hours.

We closed..just as we'd begun. We formed a one big circle and shared how it is we'd grown and changed. Although each and every story was different..the stories were really much the same. From where we where we'd come. From what we'd set out to what we'd found.

From not plenty. From courage. From joy. From strength. From not now knowing that knowing that we know-not is the best place of all. From a sense of one in which we found ourselves one.


No matter the age or gender or life experience - the need..the desire..the drive to connect is a powerful one. To connect to one another. To belong. To be unconditionally held and loved and celebrated for being no one other than who we are. To have a safe place in which to rest.

But most important - what I heard..what I felt..what I thought  - that although it was to one another that we'd was really that connection to ourselves that we had all been seeking. That self-awareness..that inner strength. That power that comes from within.

It was that that we - who knew not what we were seeking - found.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Coming into tree pose. Rooting down. Trusting the support of the nuturing earth. Feeling the connection between the foot and inner thigh. Reaching and growing. Stretching out of that thinking mind and into the strength of the body.

Bringing hands to heart center - listening to the quiet sound of  breath....feeling the beat of the heart. Trusting and believing.

All that we need...we already have.