It Begins

Every day - it's the same.

It begins.

The dawning light. A fresh new slate. A mat - beckoning and calling for my body to fill it. To take up space. To root rise reach out. To come out of that thinking mind..and into the parts and pieces that feel deeply. To let go of that which was yesterday and come into whatever is...just and exactly as it is - today.

There is acceptance.

The white page. It asks that I put a pencil to it. One word...and then another. It's wanting me to fill its pores with my wildest darkest hopes and aspirations. It tells me that this space is sacred and safe. That the story I'm writing - is mine to tell...exactly as I want to tell it - today.

There is no judgement.

The blank canvas. It pleads... it cries out to be splashed with color. It asks only that I let go of those preconceived notions...those rules that bind and gag and constrict. Those voices that once told me I couldn't..I wouldn't..that I'm not quite enough. It assures and reassures - anything and all is as it is. It's all good. Art is art and exactly what I make it. It is simply a reflection of who I am..and where I'm at -  today.

There is no expectation.

The camera. It sits here beside me. It screams out at me to be picked be be carried. It asks that it be the vehicle thru which I see. It tells me to simply stop whatever it is I'm doing - if just for a moment. It reminds me to get myself up and go for that stand up...or squat down...or lay my belly flat to the ground. But - to always - take the time to notice the details that surround. It reminds me that this moment won't happen ever again in quite the same way. This is my view - today.

There is always something.

And yet - it's always the same. The day begins with the sun rising.  It begins with a one deep inhale. A breath...a yawn...a nod to intention. It begins with a deep stretch. It begins as a blank empty slate..a palette waiting for color to fill it. It begins with listening...with hearing...with feeling...with letting go..with leaning in...with believing and trusting. It begins by knowing that this all there is...and that in that knowing - there is an energy that follows.

Every day - the imprint and impression - is different. The practice - is always the same.

It begins.