Letting go of that thinking mind. Knees bent...arms hanging..head and neck soft and loose. We begin in that forward bend...allowing our heads to fall below our hearts. Slowly - we breathe...we feel..we begin to trust that the ground on which we stand is solid. Our hearts lead.


It's the same process..the same ritual..the same routine - every day. And yet - every day it's new and different.

This - today - marks our third year of daily beginnings. No two days are alike. No two life experiences. No two voices. And yet...and in spite of our geographic and cultural differences - we find ourselves here one and the same. What one writes..another knows. What another writes.

I write. You write. We write.

It was two years ago today when I first made that declaration..that affirmation..that intention to find that voice within. It was two years ago today - that 'we' first began. From all corners of the globe - we found ourselves here together. Scared..timid..uncertain. It was all new. We knew nothing about one another..or where this might lead or grow..or the power and strength that comes from being a part of a community greater than ourselves. We were all mere beginners..boldly stepping out into this online world into uncharted territory and unknown waters. We dipped our toes. It was safe. We continued forwards.

I like to think we've become a circle. No head. No tail. A continuous loop of creativity and strength. The colors of our lives are our palettes from which we draw and paint and write. Sometimes the pictures we paint are beautiful and perfect..mostly - they're not. They're real and true and honest. They're about life. The pleasures and perils. The celebrations and losses. The sorrows and joys.

Some days - I like to believe that these stories that we tell today are 'between' the bigger ones. We are no longer our old 'selves'..and we haven't yet arrived in our new. We're somewhere in the pause between the poses..that place of all important transition. We are at the age and stage where we've outgrown old clothes..and trying on new. We've given up the high heels..the fancy hats..the high-styled blue jeans. We've traded up and into true comfort and fit.

And on other days - I like to believe that these stories that we spin are the biggest ones of all. That there is nothing more important or beautiful than the celebration of this moment. The past is behind us. The future - is unknown. And that this - this day - is all that we really have.

A handful of us have been together from the very beginning. Other - brave and daring souls - have jumped in and joined us along the way. We've boarded a train without any known destination. Thru our individual lenses we take in the landscapes of our lives. The scenery evolves and changes. A different view..a different voice..a different day.

And yet - we're all just beginning. Letting go of that thinking mind. Trusting. Believing. Feeling. It's the same  process..the same ritual..the same routine - every day. And each and every day - brand new.

Looking back...looking forward...truly appreciating and grateful. Right here..right now - where we find ourselves again and again and again.