I Can Fly

It arrived on a warm winter’s day. A  box simply wrapped. Something exciting - I thought…I hoped – as I rushed to open it in great anticipation and expectation of  its precious contents. What a surprise to find nothing other than a long spool of thread-like string and a cut-out paper shape attached to its end. I looked for the cable connector..an attachment that would connect to the Wii or TV. I searched for its purpose and meaning..but it appeared that it was nothing other than what it revealed itself to be. Simple paper and simple string.

The recent snow we’d received was slowly melting. The sun was shining. The sandy beach was beckoning. It seemed the perfect time and space to see what this new ‘toy’ might be. This gift.

Carefully – I laid it on the ground..my hands holding tight to the string. When all of a sudden with a burst of unexpected wind…the paper took flight. Up and up..higher and higher. It floated. It soared. It sailed.

As it dipped and swirled and whirled in the wind..I began to imagine myself perched on its wings. There – far and above the world where there is nothing but blue skies and clouds and birds flying. I imagined looking down at the little people..all of them wishing to be up here with me. Flying free. What fun – I thought – that would be.

No school. No rules. No expectations. I could – on the wings of my kite – be anyone I dreamed I might be. A heroic knight(ess)…flying in to rescue her dame in distress. A magical floating fairy princess…in search of her dream. A bird..graceful and strong..with its great wings flapping silently. Or perhaps – I could be an astronaut..one of the first girls to fly herself to the moon. Or – at the very least – the first one to fly across the ocean on nothing other than wishes and paper strings. Up there  - where the air was bright -  the question of what I might ‘do’ with my life held no meaning. All that mattered was that I could ‘be’ anything I dared.

I laughed at the kite. It laughed right back at me. Beckoning me to join it in its wild adventure. A free spirit and soul.  It had a  heart and a mind of its own. One minute..flying so high I was afraid it might disappear. The next..plunging itself nose first …sometimes skimming  and oftentimes bumping along the ground before carrying itself up and away. Such an exciting ride – the ups and downs and all of those  in betweens that have no words to descibe them.

In my mind – I  go back to that day often. That day that was filled with wonderment and awe and joy and dreaming. That day when it felt as if anything was possible. That day that I learned that life is nothing other than a ride on the wings of a kite. One minute up..the next minute down..never quite knowing where the winds might take me. Bumpy. Unpredictable. Falling and hitting that ground may sting and hurt..but that I can always pick ourselves up and catch the next bit of wind that might carry me. Not always the ride I expect or wish for..but always the ride that is mine.

A day _ as I recall -  when all of life’s lessons arrived in one very unimportant-looking little box. A little paper. A little string. A little imagination and a lot of wild dreams. I could go anywhere my heart might take me.