We Write

Overnite – the world has transformed itself from shades of winter grey..to the purest and whitest of whites. A warm winter blanket has wrapped itself around the sleeping earth..enveloping and embracing it..keeping it safe and warm. Awaiting spring. When life will re-awaken and emerge again. Anew.


The wind in the trees. The song of an  occasional bird who – I imagine – to have gotten itself lost and  left behind. Forgotten. Nothing but the sound of my breath..the steady rhythm of my heart softly beating.

I write.

It was one year ago today – that I first made that declaration. That affirmation. That promise to myself..and to all of us others – that this would be a journey worth taking. Without any sort of pre-planned destination. Without knowing anything about one another. From all parts of the globe – we had only one thing in common – and that was our apparent love of photography and image-making. We – on this day – signed an  unwritten pledge to travel this particular road together…wherever this road may go.

While walking in the newly fallen snow – I thought about the metaphors. That we were once silent…buried beneath this heavy blanket….awaiting our spring.  It was from there that  we each found ourselves our voices. At first – hesitant…anxious…worried that we had nothing relevant to say..to contribute..to write. What might others think? What might others – in this world of constant comments – say? How might we be ‘regarded’? How might we measure-up and be ‘graded’ for our efforts..for the choices we’ve made..for the lives that we are living?

As the winter ice and snow melted…and the earth began to warm – we each emerged stronger and clearer and more confident in our self-expressions. We dared to share our thoughts..our opinions and points-of-view. Some shared bits and pieces of  past lives and childhoods..while others have shared their hopes and future dreams. Some write poetry. Others – prose.

We write…each in a style and voice and expression that was and is uniquely our own.

And throughout it all – we’ve supported one another. We’ve cheered each other on. We’ve encouraged. We’ve applauded. We’ve discovered that we are all one and the same. Altho we’d never met..we began conversations that were truly personal. We dared to speak…to crack ourselves open..to reveal parts of ourselves that we never thought we ever would. We found the extraordinariness in each of our ordinary days. We found new inner strengths. In one another and ourselves.

Some of us have been together since the very beginning. That first day. That first post. That first seed..emerging from its long winter rest. Others have joined us along the journey..jumping right in and meeting us all along our way. We’ve grown. In strength. In numbers. In our collective voices. In our visions and our verbs.

Today – in spite of the blanket of white that is silencing the world..we speak loudly and clearly. No longer waiting for the right time..the right place..the right season to emerge. Right here..right now – it is springtime. Our time.

From the big cities..to the smallest of small rural towns. From the plains of Africa to the suburbs here in the United States. Daughters and sisters and mothers and wives and now – friends. Thus far – it’s been an amazing journey…a road less-travelled…unexpected.

Together - we write.