No Matter Where

At times it’s the sheer vastness of it all that stops me in my tracks..brings me to my knees…reduces me to inexplicable tears. That the sun rises in the east..sets in the west. That it happens like this no matter what… no matter where. That there are billions and trillions of people in this world who experience it… most who never really stop to look and to see.

The layers of light.

The strata of rock formations.

The distant mountains.

The oceans.

The magnitude and the beauty of this earth on which we all live.

It struck me – at 4 a.m. one morning – while sitting atop a mountain in what’s known as ‘down east’ Maine. In that early morning stillness and silence. In that anticipation of the sun’s rise. In that internal quiet and peace. It struck me that this is really all there is. Nothing more. Nothing less. The sun rises and it sets. It illuminates and defines  our days. Without it…there would be no sustaining. There would be no life.

Often I’ve stopped myself while brushing my teeth. A daily routine and ritual. I’ve wondered how many people in the world at this very moment are doing the exact same thing as this. How many people are getting themselves up..throwing cold water on their and flossing..and beginning their day? There is no quantifiable way of really knowing. But there is something about thinking about the billions of those who might be. A common bond. Something we all do and share no matter matter where.

When I roll out my yoga mat and begin with the ritual ohm – again – I find myself wondering. How many in the universe are doing just as I am…right this exact same way? And how empowering  it is to think of all of the potential millions of ordinary people chanting these words all at once and together. All scattered. Everywhere. Throughout the great world wide stratosphere.

We are all one.

We are all the same.

I think that’s what’s most striking. Altho we each have our own unique ways of ‘being’ on this earth…we all breathe in..and we breathe out. We feel. We hurt. We love. We laugh. We bleed. We cry. The earth that we all share - grounds us. The endless sky – carries us. No matter matter where.

There – in the early morning chill..sitting on top of Cadillac Mountain..looking out over the endless ocean – it was as if I could hear the world whispering. Nothing new was going to happen. Nothing different..or particularly exciting. The big event that I had gotten my sleepy body up and out of bed for – was really no big deal.  In truth what was about to unfold has been unfolding and unfurling itself for longer than anyone has ever known. For lifetimes and centuries before that.

No fanfare or publicity.

No big press releases.

No news  - really.

It happens. Just like that. No matter what…no matter where. Every day. It’s the same practiced ritual and routine. Most – don’t even have the opportunity notice. Most – don’t care. But on this particular summer morning – I was one of the lucky ones who actually did.