Working Girl

Sit – she says..and I sit.

Down – she tells me..and my belly sinks to the floor.

Wait – she said…and I am.

Waiting. Patiently. Counting.

Five whole days.

At the top of the very long list she left….it says ‘WRITE’. So – I’m writing. I’ve never written before. I’m not sure I know what to say.

Five whole days.

Five morning bowls..and five evening ones. Food. How else might I measure a day other than what and when it is that I’m fed?

She said something about it having been a long time since they’ve taken a vacation… that she needed it and was looking forward. I understand. I watched as she and that alpha male – the one who sleeps on MY pillow in HER bed – packed up the car and drove away. Without me.

He’s not a bad guy. I actually like him – a lot. On most days he leaves after my morning walk and returns soon after I’ve eaten my evening bowl..but sometimes he surprises me and gets home  before. When I hear his car..I like to sit at attention and wait to greet him. Altho he always seems pleased to see me – he doesn’t like when I jump on his nice clothes.

I just want to play. It’s not that I mean to get him wet or dirty. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is only a mere man.

But then - he goes up those stairs and into that room  - y’know the one where MY pillow lies next to HERS  - and returns in different attire. Then..and only then –he tells me – it’s okay to jump..and we can play. And that’s good. And I like that.

The truth is? I’d rather have her alone. It could be ME sleeping on MY pillow…all curled up and snuggled in close. Because it’s always he who claims that warm spot as his own..I’m forced to sleep at her feet. Happy that – at least – I’m welcome there instead of that hard floor…but still wishing for that soft spot beside her.

On some mornings she takes me with her. We walk to the nearby pond. I sometimes chase geese…while she chases us all with that little black box thing that she looks thru. I heard her once calling it a cam-e-ra…but I’m not sure what it’s for. She says it helps her see. But I think she sees just fine without it. I like sitting quietly next to her. Just listening to her breathe.

Oh..she didn’t leave me alone. She left me with the other one who walks on two legs instead of four. The one who I wonder and worry that she may love even more than she loves me. She calls her – her daughter. I like her a lot. Better than the alpha male. At least SHE doesn’t sleep on MY pillow.  They smell alike – she and the daughter. They talk alike They even somewhat look alike..only the daughter is a little taller.

Five long and lonely days. I miss her.

My favorite days are the ones where I can lazily lie at her feet..while she does all of the things she does in this crate of hers. At least my crate had bars thru which I could see and hear and touch. The crate she seems to like – has solid walls..with a door and a couple of windows. She can enter or leave anytime she wants…which is better than what I did in those days when I had to be in there instead of roaming freely. But – I’m not sure otherwise what is the difference.

And I live for those late afternoons when she’s finished all she does..and we go out together. Most of the time she takes me to the park where I can be  with my friends. Or some days  – we go into the woods and it’s just me and she and we walk and listen and smell all the good things that are for smelling.

I’m a working girl.

My job is to always keep everyone in order and in line. Thankless sometimes. Other times..and when the job is well rewarding. The other dogs – especially the white fluffy ones that remind me of sheep - don’t always like me bossing them around. They don’t understand. I’m just doing my job. I’m always working.

I’m a good girl..really. I do what I’m told…even when I’m not sure why it is I’m doing it. Without her – things are feeling out of their right order and place..and there is nothing I can do to make things straight.

At least she didn’t leave without a long list ‘to do’. She told me to write. So – I did.

Two more morning bowls..and three nights. And she’ll be back again.


For those of you who don't  know name is Sami..and I'm writing for my master and best friend while she's away.