Left Behind

Left behind...once again.

She – and that alpha male. The one  who insists – still – in laying his head on MY pillow in HER bed.  Off again and together. Only two days – she assured me.  Two morning bowls..and two evening. Food – is my only way of keeping good track.

To her – it’s not very long…but to me – it’s an eternity.

Once again..and here I am.

The only lucky thing is – is that she said I could write. Last time was such fun. For months I’ve been asking.. anxiously waiting for the chance to once more have my little bark heard above all others.

Thing is – I’m small when you compare me with most. I have no tail – to wiggle and wag…to let you know that I’m happy or scared or sad. The games I like to play are not the same ones that engage them. They like to fetch and retrieve and bring back the ball. I like only to chase it down and run with it..in hopes that someone might run with me.  Whereas they love to let loose and run  wild and free..I’m always working at keeping everyone in their right places and perfect lines.

Always working. That’s me. I’m super-fast..and I’m really smart. There’s not a trick..nor a treat..nor any stray sheep that will get past me. It’s my job – that I am doing.

I’m…well….I’m ‘different’ than the others. They tell me that that’s good and that that’s okay and that that’s what makes me uniquely me – but at times I just wish I was just like the rest. ’Accepted’ and ‘fitting-in’…and a part of the bunch.

All the way to the left – that’s Flora. Not one bit shy. She -  more than anyone else I’ve ever met – knows how to work a room. When she enters..all heads are up. Her energy and charismatic style  always gets a quiet party going.

Then there’s Jazz – right next to her. If there was a contest for the most popular  – the award would be hers.  Impeccably groomed..long shapely legs that stretch and extend forever..and a lovely tail that gestates wildly. It is she who decides who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’.

Next to her is Milo. Mr. Prince Charming. Makes sense that he’d find himself a spot right beside the ‘Princess’. The most handsome and endearing of all the boys…with a proud prance and dance. A one  that makes my heart skip a happy beat and do its own leap for joy. Oh..how I wish he might notice me. But alaas…he has eyes – only for she.

And then there’s Kulu. Sweet..lovable Kulu – who is often the butt of their cruel jokes. Never does he fight back or stand up for himself. Simply happy to be a part of the popular pack. One of these days – I’m hoping – he’ll get it. He’s not one who easily catches on to these complexities.

After that is Ziggy. Last but never least. Easy-going…but no push-over. Always a happy and willing participant...but one who can be  just as content and focused on simply fetching his ball. A rock solid guy. One who knows who he is..and what he’s about…and one who is always included.


Now – don’t go feeling sorry for me. It’s not that bad..really. I’m alright. In fact – I’m good…and perfectly fine with being just who I am..not always  needing to be in the company of others. But there are times when I do so wish to be someone different..a one who has longer legs and a tail and a bark that might get me their respect and attention. I’d rather work..than play. I’d rather herd..than fetch. I’d rather write..than be lying lazily on the couch.


Waiting for her to return….

Waiting for what’s seeming like an eternity.

Waiting..and counting.

Two morning bowls..and two night.

Waiting for her to remind me that I’m deserving of her love..as perfectly imperfect as I am.


For those of you who don’t  know me and if we haven't previously met..my name is Sami..and I’m writing on behalf of my master and best friend while she’s away.