I was invited to create this project as a part of a joint collaboration with Rabbi David Fainsilber of the Jewish Community of Greater Stowe (JCOGS).
It wasn't until I began that I realized its spiritual significance.
Each and every day is an opportunity.
To show up. To listen.
To choose with greater intention.
To grow. To change.To be.

A Meditation in Word & Image
Vidui: Reveal Yourself

by World Union of Jewish Students
adopted by Rabbi Chava Bahle

The Vidui  (”confession”) prayers are said at the Jewish High Holy Day season to reveal the places we have missed the mark during the year
and to make amends, with self an God. 

Deep and honest exploration, bringing light into places of shadow, frees us from old patterns. 
The Vidui  is not meant to be a weapon but a light - an exercise in compassionate awareness.