It's just one other practice. This withdrawal of the senses..this shutting down and turning away from all the external stimulation. This focusing inwards. Without the computers...the email..the text messages..the noise. Without a single phone ringing...without anyone tap tap tapping at my door. Without all of the endless lists that bind and gag - the what's and who's and wheres' and when's.

There is silence. There is stillness. There is nothing other than the ocean and mountains and endless sky. The sun sets. Whether we see it or not - it does so every day.

And so it is..I return. I begin again. With a greater sense of purpose and intention.

Sometimes - it's about getting out of our own see the light. Sometimes - it's within that silence..that we find the words that want to be spoken. Sometimes - we change our minds....we find ourselves different.

It was there - in the quiet of the a moment of clarity. There was peace. There was a knowing - that this is all there is.

The sun sets. And - I continue on with my practice. No matter what and where and when.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thrilled to have been invited by Jenny Doh to be this week's guest curator over at her inspiring site Crescendoh.

Come visit me there.