Almost A Dream

Perhaps it was a rustle in the stillness of the trees? Or - perhaps it was a shadow cast thru the filter of the late afternoon light?

Perhaps it was an intuition? A gut feeling? An unexplained sense..that really defied any sort of plausible explanation?

Perhaps - it was simply luck and pure chance?

I don't know why I just happened to look up at just that exact moment. I don't know why I saw what I saw...found what I found. It was - certainly - unexpected.

Not an ordinary bird..or a plane. Not a buzzing bee. Almost a dream. Not quite real. Not quite true.

It reminded me - again - of that gift of presence. Of that really looking and really seeing and feeling it with all my five senses and a wide open heart. It reminded me - that even in the moments that appear to be oh-so-very-ordinary...there is always a surprise to be found.