An Intimate Moment

I watched silently from a safe distance. Not wanting to be seen. Hoping upon hope - to not be heard.

I listened.

She was telling stories about her day...about her life...about her hopes and dreams and aspirations. She was speaking about her longings...her deepest desires...her imaginings.

She spoke about her greatest love...and her heart that had been recently broken. She talked about her darkest fears..her wildest dreams..the thoughts that often kept her tossing and turning and awake throughout the long night.

And all the while he stood there. At quiet attention. Taking it all in. Affirming and confirming. Offering up his  unwavering gaze..his adoration...his focus..his unconditional love.

I watched quietly. Not daring to take a single breath..or utter a single sound. I didn't want to disturb this intimate moment. So sweet.

Soul mates - I thought. Best friends. The kind that know all about one another - both the good and the bad.

I wanted only to record and remember it. This scene. This story. This conversation - between a girl and her sweet dog.