Imagine - a wish...a dream...a vision.

Imagine - the beginnings. How one small ball of snow can be rolled into a bigger and bigger one. How that becomes the foundation and base from which all else will rise and grow.

Imagine - a second ball of snow atop the first one. The body and heart and soul

And then imagine - one more ball...a smaller one - that forms the crown. The pinnacle. The brains that complete the vision.

Imagine - how infintisemally small we really are in the scope and scale of the universe.

Imagine - the focus..the determination..the effort.

Imagine - letting go of that all-important goal and ultimate destination....and simply being in this very moment. Snow falling. Wind blowing. Rolling...forming one ball..and then another.

Imagine - how the world might change.

* * *

Not looking like spring is anywhere near. Not quite yet.