The Man in the Snow

They brought him buttons for his coat...a scarf for his neck..a hat for his head that no longer had hair to warm it. They wanted to be sure that he could think in the cold that is winter.

They gave him a carrot for his nose. big dark plums for his eyes...a mouth made up of sweet red cherries.  They wanted to be sure that he had all his wits and his senses about him - as he embarked on his life's journey.

They gave him a base that was sturdy and from which he might grow from.

They gave him a pipe to smoke. They hoped it might give him both peace and courage.

And a heart - they placed - out there on his chest. So that - all who passed by..all who might see would know how much he is and was..and will always be - loved. By those who conceived and created him..and all others who might step into his light alongside him.