A Sliver of Light

Wherever I go..there it is.

This early morning - it was nothing but a mere shadow of its full self. Barely visible even to one who is always looking.

It reminded me - somehow - of hope. Of cycles. Of the ebbs and flows and tides of time. It reminded me that even the most insignificant of little details can grow full and round and bright. That out of the dark...comes light.

I wonder at times - am I following 'it'...or is 'it' that follows me? Because no matter where or what - 'it's' always there. Steadily reassuring. Comforting. Always reminding me to never give up....to continue on trusting and believing.

Today - only a sliver of its true self showing.

Tomorrow - basking it its glory...bursting with potential..a moon-full of light.