This Practice

Not yet one week into this new year - and already - I'm feeling as if I'm failing. My intention is set. Now - I'm asking myself - where is that energy that has been promised will follow?

I want answers. I want solutions. I want it all figured out..the path laid out clearly before me. I want to see and know exactly where it is I'm going. I want it today. I want it now. I want it right here in this moment.

Breathe - I remind myself. Just breathe.

It's all one big long practice. There's no prize in the knowing. There's no trophy waiting for me at that end place and final destination. There's no race to that finish line. In fact - the first one to arrive loses.

No need to have it all figured out. Not today.

Not a care in the world - I thought - as I watched these two young girls laughing and spinning..and so clearly enjoying -  with such grace and ease. Nothing but time. Nothing but this. They know they need not have it all figured out before moving forward. They know that the elusive prize...the joy and light - is in this right here and now. In this winter day's practice.