Faded Golden Glory

To the right..to the left and up and down - the red rocks and their formations surrounded and astounded. Look at me..look at me - they shouted loudly and proudly. As if there was any possibility of not noticing...of not seeing...of not breathing in all of their grace and beauty.

But - they were the quieter details that called at me. The ones to which I had to really stop and listen... to look and see. The muted colors. The textures. The often overlooked parts and pieces and patterns. The ones that were all too often stepped over...nothing but silent shadows concealed behind what was oh-so-very loud.

Altho color-less...the winter desert that I uncovered - was abundant and full. Adobe reds. Aloe greens. Faded golden glory.

It was to them - I confess - that I was most drawn to.Their hidden beauty..their bits that wouldn't otherwise be seen.