It's Winter

The light is low. The air - cold and crispy blue. The ice - smooth as glass...inviting.

All of a sudden - everywhere I look - it's winter.

I do love this season. I love the long nights....the invigorating cold...the warmth of blankets and socks and hats and mittens. I love the blue skies..the dazzling light...the sparkle.

I love snow - so clean and pure and white.

But more than any of all of that - I love the memories of a childhood past. Of sledding..of skiing..of skating on lakes and ponds and rivers - frozen solid. Of hot chocolate and cider. Of bundling up and venturing out..and - then -  returning in. To comfort. To safety. To where it was always home.

Everywhere I look - it's winter. And everything I see - reminds me of my youth...and of me.