Winter Greens

So different from the world in which I live..the landscape I know...the comfort and familiarity of what I consider home. Nothing at all as I'd I'd envisioned. From northeastern southwestern desert heat - I struggled to find my ground and center.

Good - they say - to get out of that comfort zone. Good - they say - to stretch beyond the boundaries and limitations. Good - they say - to travel and see the world anew.

At first glance - it appeared stark..barren..harsh and perhaps - even - unforgiving. Color-less - I thought - not at all what I expected.

Slowly - my eyes adjusted. I stopped and began again - to look and really see. And - what I found  - was a world filled with color. A winter color that is green instead of grey and white. A one that is simple and equally but differently beautiful. A one that is almost stripped naked in its splendor and grace.


And so it was. I practice what I feel. I record what it is I see.