Young At Heart

Because - once - we were young. Because once - we donned our snow pants and jackets..our hats and mits. We grabbed hold of the nearest toboggan and sled. We ran to the nearest hill. We had fun.

Because - once - we laughed. At snow. At winter. At life. It was ours - y'know? For the asking..for the taking. Anything was possible. It was.

Because now - we're not. With snow - comes cold..and winter..and shoveling. With snow - comes hardship. With snow - comes loss of laughter..loss of light.

But - as I I I did my best to capture their joy - I couldn't help but smile. Their spirit was infectious.

I thought - age is just a number. I'm still oh-so-very-young-at-heart. Anything is possible. It still is.