Art of Sitting

Looking in..from out. That's what I was doing. Peeping into other people's lives thru their windows. I confess - today I let my mind go wandering.

And what would you make of these three sitting in their picture perfect line - basking in the winter's sun...very slowly ripening? Were they happy? Were they sad? Or - were they nothing?

If pears could feel..what would they feel? What would they say if they could talk? What would they hear if they were listening?

I know..I know. They were just three sitting there side by side and in the window. They don't feel or see or hear or talk. But - if they could? I think they'd say that they'd been sitting there for days. I think they'd say that they've been waiting for someone to stop and look and see. I think they'd be happy and proud to have been made a part of something bigger and greater...something from the outside world that just so happened to look in.

I think they'd be celebrating the art of simply sitting. And waiting. And watching. And knowing that all good things come when not looking.