Seeing Quiet

I can hear the 'quiet'. I can feel the 'quiet'. I can sometimes taste the 'quiet'. And - on a morning like this - I can even see it.

How is it possible to see the 'quiet'?

I don't know...but that I know that it is. That I did.

The endless chatter....ceases. The voices in my head...hush. Life's noise blends into a palette of of simple  whites and palest of greys. A compilation of a full array of color and - yet -  an absence of any.

There are no ups or downs or backwards or forwards. There are no roads to follow..or lines to color within. There is only ground as one foot steps in front lf another. In 'quiet'.

Empty or full? No one thing...or all things combined? Endless possibility. Bottomless and expansive. All and one..and one and all. It's all the same.

I could disappear into the 'quiet'. Into the questions. Into the not knowing.

I know you can hear it. Can you see it too?