The Show Must Go On

Awoke this morning to the sound of the rain. Like music. A symphony of sound.

Dal niente. Out of the silence. First - quietly. A little pianissimo and then the crescendo...followed by a loud and emphatic fortissimo. Pouring - cats and dogs - as they so like to say.

And then - the diminuendo. A softening..a gentle quieting that finally faded and fell away. Perdendo.

It may be the first time since early June that I awoke to the sweet comfort. A perfect way in which to bid adieu to summer and beckon in this new season.

No matter what - I know - my day is waiting. No matter what - I practice my craft and my art. No matter what - I don my shoes and my camera and go out to look... and to see. What I found - between the mist and the fog and the raindrops - were the dancers. Up on the stage. Dancing their dance while honking and singing their song out loud.

Of course - I thought. No matter what. The show must go on.