From my safe little spot in my safe little world..on this safe little ground - I watched as those who were more fearless than I'll ever be - spun themselves madly around.

Dip and swing. Swing and dip. Up high..and down low. Down low..and back up into the endless sky once again.

I could feel my body heart breath suspending.

And - I thought about the freedom..the possibility..the power in letting go. In simply trusting and believing. In throwing my head back and opening my heart to the wind..and knowing that whatever will be..will be as it should.

All good.

For a moment - I laughed. For a moment - I could feel what it might be to fly so high in the feel weightless and free. For just a moment - I too imagined myself spinning round and round. And then - I rooted my feet and  thankfully found that solid ground.