Seeing Thru My Ears

I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. The morning was thick with fog and mist.

I could smell the dampness. I could feel its it condensed on my warm skin. And somewhere in the distance - I could hear the sound of the geese and their honking.

Somewhere - I knew - they were there. Somehow - I thought - if I just follow that sound with my camera's lens - I might find them.

I settled myself in...all my senses awake and aware...focused on the only thing I could - which was to listen.

It reminded me of how our bodies cope and compensate. How - when one sense is taken away..another takes over. It reminded me of how lucky I truly am to be able to see thru my taste thru my feel thru my toes.

And then it was..there they were. Right then and there...and out of seemingly nowhere. In one quick breath they appeared..and in the next they disappeared into the light of the day.