Here Today

Tonite - we enter into Yom Kippur - the most solemn and holy of days as we welcome in the Jewish New Year.

Again - we gather. We join our hands and our hearts. We chant. We sing. We pray and sway and bow deeply. It is on this day that - it is said - our fate is signed and sealed...that our lives are determined.

We sit both in silence and in song. We turn our attentions inwards. We look back and we look forwards. We ask questions that have no answers...and in that not knowing - we find another chance...another opportunity to renew and restore and begin - once and again.

We listen to the haunting beauty of the ancient melodies - passed down from one generation to another. We read the ancient texts. We are reminded of from where we came..and that - against all imagineable odds - we are free to pray and sway and bow deeply. Again.

We celebrate - that we are here today. We celebrate  - hope and joy and redemption. We celebrate - a returning..a coming back home and back to ourselves and all others. We celebrate - life and all it has to offer.

In love..and in peace. We join our hands and our hearts. We pray and sway. We look deeply within. We wish. We dream. We promise ourselves - a better world..a better and brighter future. A new year..a new day. We begin - once and always - again.