Stop Again

Of course - there was the great blue. The heron who waits to meet and greet my every new day. And - there were - as always - the gaggle of geese who have claimed the lake as their very own.

There were the many mallards touching down - if only for a day or two - as they've begun their annual southbound migration.

There was the autumn mist..and the sun's rising. There was that morning light that never fails to take my breath away. There were - on this morning - so many things to engage and capture my attention.

I looked. I saw. But there - somewhere out there in the far off distant horizon...somewhere beyond my focus and gaze -  a twinkle..a flash...a silent splash. One moment there..and the next - nothing and nowhere.

I grounded as to better feel. I quieted my as to better hear what it was that I needed to hear. I looked as to really see.

And  - there it was that I found them. A one dipped..and the other danced. The other swooped..and the one soared. They flirted..they played...they laughed. They toyed with one another..and then with me.

A reminder - I thought. That it's not always in the expected and the obvious that we find exactly what it is we most need. That it's not always in the big things..but in the tiny little unexpected details that there is life and love and joy. That what we need is to simply stop see.