Shaping Time

'How are you?' - I heard one ask the other.

'Busy' - was the response. 'Busy with work. Busy with family. Busy with life. Busy..busy..busy.'

She smiled - as she described in great detail what it is that's consuming her. Her time. Her energy. Her valuable resources. She talked as if 'busy' is virtuous..'busy' is good...'busy' is the only way to be in the world today. Perhaps - she believed that there is some sort of reward for all of the 'busy' she is?

The conversation I overheard - happened in passing. Two friends walking and I stood perfectly silent and still.

I wanted to shout out to them. I wanted to invite them to stop  - for just a moment. I wanted them to take a quick time out from all of their doing and busy-ness...just to be. Just to see.

And the sun peeked its head up and over the horizon. Just as it does - every single day. The rays of light burned thru the morning mist and reflected back. It took my breath away.

We make time. We shape time. No matter how busy - I thought - I'll always carve a little space out for this.