Ever and Again

Been here before....done this.

The cooling temperatures..the lessening light. Just this morning - I watched as the first of the changing leaves fell softly to the ground. I've been here before - in this early September.

Some believe repetition to be boring..uninspiring...confining and constraining. I've heard it quoted that repetition is often the hobgoblin of tiny little minds.

But for me - it's within the art of repetition that beauty's uncovered. It's in the returning time after time..one season after another. It's looking and seeing once again and always for the very first time.

The sun rose....as it does every single day.. The morning mist blanketed the lake in gold. The geese honked their horns and begun their daily ascent. And - as I stopped for a moment to look and to see..and to take it all in - I was reminded that this has and will never happen in quite the same way on quite this same day.

Ever and again.