There is This and That

There's this....and there's that.

There's the ground on which we walk..and the ocean that extends endless and vast. Without a beginning. Without an end.

There's the bottom...and the top.

There's the life we live..and the one we imagine.

There's no one thing at all...and every thing all at once and together.

And  then - there's the somewhere in that middle. Somewhere in between. Somewhere found beneath the shade of a singular umbrella. Somewhere where the todays and tomorrows meet. Where we seek and where we find.

Somewhere in the shade and the shadows and far away from the glaring sun and heat. Where we see the world for what it is. Where we know there is always hope...and forever possibility.

There's always this....and  there's always that...and there will always be a place where they meet and join and come together.