How Does It Feel

I can tell you - the light was magical. You can see that.

I can tell you - there wasn't a sound to be heard. You can hear that.

I can tell you - that the air smelled autumn crisp and fresh. I'm sure - if you take a moment - you can smell that too.

What I can't tell you - is how it felt. How it was almost mystical. How I thought - in that moment - myself to be the luckiest girl on the face of this earth. To have been this morning light..on this particular end-of-summer day.

No - I can't possibly put into words how it was that I was feeling...nor can I tell you how you might have felt..had you been there too.

That feeling - is something you're just going to have to feel for yourself. When you look..when you see what I saw..thru my particular lens..on this exquisite morning?