The Things They Saw

What is it they saw? - I wondered.

One minute - they were nowhere. In the next - their silhouettes appeared against the brightening sky. For them - this is their everyday. This awakening - first -  in the fog...and then re-awakening once again with the sun's rise.

I watched...quietly from down below. They appeared sweetly human in their slow and deliberate ways. They rubbed up against one another...gently nuzzling and nudging. As if to say - wake up..wake up...the day awaits.

Beautiful - I thought. So - simple. A little grass on which to graze. A little water. A little light. So - just perfectly right.

And - I did wonder..about their curiosity and intelligence. What was it that they saw...what was it that they did think? When they looked down at me...looking up at them?