Lucy and Ethel

'C'mon girls...' I heard the famer calling. 'Let's move it right along...the day is waiting.'

Two by two - they made their way out of the barn..and into the morning sun. Perfect pairs. Identical twins. Sisters. Cousins. Best friends.

I began playing a little game with myself. A little imagining. A little fun. If it were up to me to name them...who would they be?

I thought of 'Chocolate and Milk'...and 'Cinnamon and Sugar'...and 'Snicker and Doodle'.

I thought of 'May and June'...and 'Summer and Autumn'...and 'Harmony and Melody'.

I thought of 'Molly and Polly'...and 'Nikki and Mickey'...and 'Peggy and Sue'.

But then when these two appeared....their sweetly beautiful faces looking directly at me - I knew exactly what I'd name them. If I could..if I would..if it were up to me.