Just This

The mountains rise..and fall.

The fog rolls in..and out.

My mind wanders. I can..I can't. I will...I won't. I should...I absolutely and for certain - should not. I find myself at war with myself and my thoughts. Which is right...which is wrong. Who will win..and who will ultimately and eventually surrender.

In the beginning - there's nothing. Endless green..blanketed in grey. And then...as if on some sort of magical cue -  the sun rises and burns its way thru.

What was once invisible..comes into view. What was once uncertain...becomes certain. What once was obscured by the lack of light...is suddenly like crystal. Clear.

If - perhaps - for only a moment..I find myself here and in this moment. My mind ceases to wander. The endless warriors cease their fire.

I listen....I hear.

I look....I see.

Just this.