Ordinary Wonder

I could have - so easily - walked right by.

The rain had stopped. The morning's fog was just lifting..making space for the first of the new day. As I was walking - I was sure - that I'd been here too many times before..that there was nothing for me. Nothing new to find and see.

I reminded myself of that child like wonder. That moment when we discover and uncover something we've never seen before. On this day. This one that is not quite like any other.

I reminded myself of that beginner's mind. That one that begins again and again and again - each time - for the first time. This exact moment - has never happened in quite the same way ever.

And - I looked at the field of ordinary flowers...the ones I've walked by so very many times before. But this time - it was the one and only time - that I'd seen them on this day..in this way.. in this exquisite light.

I could have - so easily - missed it all. It could have - so easily - passed it right by. But - this time - I didn't.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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