Finding Shelter

Altho it was forecasted - the rain surprised them. They - who believed themselves impervious to stormy weather. They - who rode high and dry on a happy cloud. They - who never quite imagined that they might get wet.

They looked up..and down..and backwards..and forwards. They looked for a safe place in which they might find shelter from the storm. They looked under tall trees..and small bushes. They looked...until they couldn't look any more.

And then - one...and then - another. They reached deep inside their bags and pockets and found that all that they needed..they already had inside.

On weak and wobbly long legs - one umbrella followed another. At first - hesitant. But then - growing stronger with each new one that arrived.

And it was there  - in the shelter of their very own imaginings  - that they found themselves grounded and rooted and oh-so-very-strong.