This Day In July


'It's the hottest summer' - I could hear one saying. 'It's unbearable - it is - this endless heat. There is nowhere to find much needed relief.'

And then immediately following - the second one chimed. As if she hadn't heard what the other one had said. As if she was sitting there - just she and she alone.

'It's been so cold' - I heard her say. 'I can't remember a summer as one quite as miserable as this. I can't seem to warm my achey bones.'

And then the third - looked up from her knitting..raised her eyes..looked up at the sky.

'Isn't it glorious' - she exclaimed - 'to be alive. To feel our achey bones. To bask in all this heat. On this day. In July.'

I couldn't help - but smile. see - it's all about what you choose..and how you choose to be.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thrilled to have been invited by Jenny Doh to be this week's guest curator over at her inspiring site Crescendoh.

Come visit me there.