As It Was

As I came across this morning scene -  I wondered how it is - and why - that every time I see it..I see it in a whole new and different light.

I thought about the discipline..the regimen..the daily routine of practice. Wherein lies the gift and the prize.

The dark and distant clouds were forming...but - right then and there - the sun was shining bright. Did they know what was coming? Could they feel it in the the water in which they swim? Did they know that  the day would be about thunder and endless torrential rain?

I wondered about those things we don't know..but that they so clearly do. I wondered what it is about these birds. I wondered about the universe. I wondered about life.

But - while caught up in the wondering - I thought to quickly capture this moment just and exactly as it was. In the next and the one after that - this that I'd captured would be in the distant past.