Solid and Proud

 I see beauty. I see strength. I see elegance and grace. I see balance.

I see nature - at her best.

I see a bird - at hers.

I see possibility. I see hope. I see wings...preparing themselves to fly. I see a sky that is limitless. I see an ocean that is bottomless. I see what is - just as it is - today. 

It was the super moon I set out to find this capture before it sunk below the horizon. There was no moon. There wasn't even a horizon. Everything and all was wrapped in a blanket of thick heavy wet fog and mist.

As the sun burned things gradually came into focus - I saw this. One singular lone bird. Standing solid and proud. Just like that..just like this - basking in the morning light.

I saw determination. I saw focus.

For just one moment - I wondered if she sees the beauty that others do. I wondered if she knows her own strength...her own inner light..her own elegance and grace.

And then - she spread her great wings and grew and flew.