Just Yesterday

As I sit down here today - it occurs to me that this is my 26th year of marking a day that celebrates my motherhood.

Yes - time flies.

They all tell you that these days with your babies are precious and few...and to enjoy every moment. They tell you that they grow. They tell you that - someday - they'll go. But - when you're in the middle of it..in the heart of it all - time can pass oh-so-very-slow.

And - here I am.

I remember the first words..the first steps..the firsts of everything. I remember the laughter and the tears...the good days and the ones that I wish I could forget. And - for whatever I can't quite recall - I have photos to remind me.

They're grown now. They no longer need me to hold their hands..to wipe their noses...to dry their tears...to protect them. They make their own choices..live their own lives..follow their hearts and chase their own dreams.

It was just yesterday - that they were oh-so-very small.