Marking Five Years

One thousand...eight hundred and twenty seven.

Five full years of practicing the 'art of practice'. Five full years of daily postings. Five full years of change..of growth..of becoming.

The prize has definitely been in the practice. In the 'just doing' it - every single day. In the the the discipline. The reward has been in resisting doubting making fear my very best friend.

Rolling out my mat. Pulling out my camera. Looking and seeing the world  thru my 'feeling' lens. At times - it's imperceptible - the subtleness of change..of growth.

My restless body - needs to know. Where it is I'm going..and when it is that I'll arrive. There are too many parts that want to live in the answers to questions that I haven't - yet -  had the courage to ask. Often - I'm not even sure what it is I'm hoping to discover. I can't even begin to comprehend.

At times - the greatest challenges and obstacles have been those of overcoming. Me and myself and I.

But then - there are those moments when I can stop and look back..and I do see. From where I've where it is I am today. The journey has no words that do it justice. The story is much too long to even begin to tell.

Too far along this path to return from where I began...and not far enough along to have any end in sight.  At times - I'm nothing but a peaceful weary warrior..soldiering on. Rolling out my mat. Picking up my camera. Practicing on..and on..and on.

With this practice - comes a self awareness. A knowing. Where I begin..and where I end. What parts are mine to own..and what parts are not.

As I embark upon this 6th year - my wish is to nurture a little more self-compassion... self-love. Yes - I'll continue to push and demand and encourage myself to practice daily...but that I will also take time to rest. To receive. To soak in and enjoy all that I've cultivated..created..produced.

One thousand..eight hundred and twenty seven images and postings. The number exceeds anything I would have ever imagined possible.

But  - therein lies the beauty of practice..where everything and all that is possible can and will be found within.

With a heart wide open..and the deepest of gratitude for all of your endless support. I thank-you for these five years..and look forward to the road less travelled..and whatever it is that is yet to come.