She Knows

Try harder...get more..make a long list - and cross one thing after another off of it.

What is it that I've done today? What have I accomplished? What do I have to show for myself - at the end of it all?

The questions repeat themselves like an endless loop going round and round in my head.

I was hoping - maybe? - for something to happen. Something really exciting. A moment..and instant..a something - that I just couldn't resist. Maybe - I was waiting for the geese to fly? For them to dance or spread their wings or something other?

And then - it occurred to she sat there warming her nest...with her mate proudly standing guard over her. That - sometimes - doing doing so much more. Sitting and waiting. Patient. Unquestioning. Knowing.

She may not have anything to show for herself at the end of this day Nothing crossed off her day's list. Nothing accomplished. Her patience and perseverance - she knows - will be rewarded.

Effort less. Just be here and now. Do the one thing that needs doing...or do nothing at all.

In her simplicity. In her elegance and grace.

She knows.