Fullness of Empty

Before the rains came...the sun showed her sweet head and smiled. The birds and beasts - it seemed - had all scattered and hidden and taken cover. There was not a sound..not a flutter...not even a quiet whisper. All was so perfectly still.

How do I photograph 'empty'?  I wondered. How do I capture the light - its simplicity..its beauty..its fleeting grace? How do I make 'art' out of this moment that is so void of movement...of sound...of life?

Now - I remembered - is where it begins. When there are no easy and obvious answers.

I met my camera with my eyes. I looked at what it was I was truly seeing - the layer of soft mist.. the dancing light...the fullness of the empty that stretched out before me.

And all of a sudden - I knew the answer.

This is all there is.