There it was. There I was. I'd arrived in my usual spot...with my usual camera..on an everyday usual morning.

I stopped - for a moment - to take it all truly absorb and appreciate its beauty.

Like a monkey - swinging from branch to branch..from tree to tree - my mind went. One thought..and then another. First this..and then something else. The day had not yet begun - and already I was overbooked..and over-busy.

My body - was present.

My mind - clearly - was not.

Slowly - I reminded myself to breathe. I reminded myself to feel. I reminded myself that this - right here and now - is the only moment.

My heart slowed. My head cleared. I began to see. The exquisite light. The budding trees. The work of nature's most talented and hard-working dream-weaver artist.

Simple - yes. Never easy. Why is it - I wondered - that practicing presence can be so hard?