Believing is Seeing

Seeing is believing. Trust in what we see. A picture speaks one thousand words. A picture tells a story.

Or - so it is..that I've been taught and told.

But what if what I believe I'm seeing isn't what it is? What if it's all one big illusion? A fabrication of my mind and my over-active imagination?

What if it's the belief with which I begin..that informs and forms the picture that I'm seeing? What if I'm not really seeing at all...but - only - thinking?

A line of giraffes...making their way across the plains of the desert. Some have necks extended. Other necks are down to the ground..nibbling on the grass below them.

A sea of endless intertwining arches. A chain of never-ending love and connection.

What is it that you believe you see? Or - is your seeing and believing?